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Search by Address (3) (4)
Search by Owner (3) (4)
Search by Parcel Number (3) (4)
Search by Latitude and Longitude (3) (4)
Advanced / Multi-Query Search (3) (4)
Shapefile Polygon Query Submission (4)
Query by User Defined Map Area (4)
Display Parcel Boundaries (3) (4)
Display Data Attributes(1) (3) (4)
Click On Property in Map View for Data (3) (4)
Download Parcel Boundary and Attributes(2) (3)
Parcel Dimensions
Attribute Data(1)
Display Structure Outline(1) (4)
Flood Maps
Export Boundaries as KML
Google Earth Integration (6)
Bing Street and Aerial Map Display (6)
Google Street and Aerial Map Display (6)
County Link(1) (5)
System-to-System Integration
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1: As available

2: Additional charges may be incurred for data download

3: Dependent on capabilities of the third-party software you use to access the data

4: Dependent on the capabilities of the application you integrate the data into.

5: Use Excel format download (no additional cost) to access this feature.

6: Use KML format download (no additional cost) to overlay in these mapping products.

7: Data downloads available in Excel, KML, CSV and Shapefile formats

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