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Parcel Data Solutions

Whether you need parcel data and shapefiles for a single property plot map, one US county, multiple counties across the nation or a specific industry, ReportAll has your US parcel data search and download solutions for online searches, Apple and Android mobile apps, or with on-the-fly connectivity to your software and platform.

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Parlay 2.0

PARLAY 2.0 parcel data layer works in any desktop version of Google Earth to provide parcel boundaries and attribute data with unprecedented detail for 98.5% of the U.S. Population and over 154.7 million U.S. properties. Try it now with our 14 Day Free Trial.

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ReportAll API

Our REST API connectivity gives you ongoing access to meet your parcel data needs. Incorporate parcel boundary and attribute search, selection, and mapping into your application on whatever platform you use. Examples are provided for ESRI ArcGIS for Javascript, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Leaflet, and OpenLayers clients.

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ReportAll Online

Access our parcel and shapefile database directly from your browser. With ReportAll Online, you’re just a few clicks away from finding fast and low-cost property lines online with parcel data and land boundaries. Advanced search features highlight property attributes including school district, land use, acreage, square footage and more. Unlimited nationwide access is only $2.99 a day or $49.99 a month.

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Take parcel data on the road with our location-based Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile app giving you full-featured property boundary maps including property line and land boundary overlays. Just hover over a property to see the owner, address, and other details. Obtain property information on-site while standing in a field or at the office.

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Data Downloads

Parcel Data Downloads

Access our instant GIS parcel data downloads across the U.S. Downloads available in Excel, Google Earth KML/KMZ and shapefile formats for easy integration into any GIS or data analysis software.



Building Footprints

With over 102.8 million building footprints in our inventory and growing, we have the data you need for rooftop geocoding, geofencing, structure identification and risk assessment.

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National Parcel Database

We offer nationwide access to our National Parcel Database for your organization's web and enterprise applications. Available in vector format as shapefiles or sql database, or stream parcel data in your Google API or Bing API web application.

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Data Licensing Reseller Solutions

If you are you looking to add parcel boundary data to your application or would like to provide this functionality as a parallel product offering in your current markets, look to Real Estate Portal for the solution that fits your needs.

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