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Leverage our national parcel database for more informed decision making in your industry. Whether it's an on-site, location-based mobile app, an online search by specific criteria, or a parcel data layer API in your own GIS application, you will find our up-to-date, instant access, 24/7 parcel data fits your needs.

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Property map and parcel ownership data for Oil and Gas development

GIS property line maps: the Forest is online

Uniform Attribute Format and Layout

Hydraulic fracturing has altered the world oil market and revolutionized the futures of states with shale oil formations. According to 2016 estimates by Rystad Energy, a Norwegian oil consultancy, the U.S. holds reserves of 264 billion barrels of oil, more than half of which is located in shale. This exceeds reserves identified in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Venezuela (individually not combined).

Accurate landowner and property boundary information

ReportAll Online: Accurate landowner and boundary information provided by ReportAll can enhance decisions and property owner communication throughout the land acquisition process for potential oil, natural gas and pipeline sites. ReportAll Online contains an advanced search feature which oil, gas and pipeline companies can use to identify development sites - easily narrowing their search and reducing timeframes involved. ReportAll has affordable solutions which allow property searches from the state and county level down to sites of specific acreage and is available as a data layer within ArcGIS.

Online GIS property data aids pipeline planning and development

Delivering these resources from producing areas to refineries and chemical plants requires significant investment to identify, plan and ultimately build pipelines. Comprehensive property boundary and ownership data is critical for companies in the oil and natural gas exploration industry in acquiring easements and establishing right-of-ways.

Low cost, instant access to parcel data

ReportAll delivers solutions to the oil and natural gas sector by offering low cost, instant access to parcel data downloads, available 24/7, with coverage of over 98.5% of all property parcels in the United States. Our parcel shapefiles include property boundary lines, ownership information and additional property attributes for over 154.7M parcels.

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