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Parcel Data & Property Line Tools by Industry

ReportAll provides a suite of solutions delivering property lines and parcel data for multiple industries in a variety of formats. Whether printing maps from the office desktop, viewing property lines as a layer on Google Earth, downloading shapefiles, accessing property data on-site or creating custom software using our API, professionals spanning a range of industries nationwide benefit from ReportAll’s parcel data and GIS technology.

Real Estate Industry

Professionals in the real estate industry rely more heavily on GIS technology and geospatial data in place of plat books and county research so choosing the right provider has become critical to the success of real estate professionals around the country. ReportAll provides economical solutions with instant-access, 24/7, parcel information and property line data.

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Telecommunications Industry

Using the GIS property data delivered by ReportAll, network infrastructure engineers in the telecommunications industry are able to calculate parcel density and optimal siting from their desktop. ReportAll’s property boundaries and property attributes data benefit the telecommunications industry in multiple formats – as an API, mobile app, desktop research and more.

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Sustainable Energy Industry

Solar and wind energy developers use our up-to-date parcel data, including property lines, boundaries, acreage and land owner information, to identify large acreage parcels for sustainable energy development site selection.

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Forestry Industry

When forestry and timber professionals need to access property lines and parcel data on-site with their mobile devices or from the office on their desktop, they rely on the suite of ReportAll solutions – from LandGlide and PARLAY 2.0 to ReportAll Online and the ReportAll API.

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Oil, Natural Gas and Pipeline Industry

ReportAll delivers solutions to the oil and natural gas sector with low cost, instant access to parcel boundaries and property data information, available 24/7. Our parcel shapefiles include property lines, ownership information and additional property attributes for over 154.7M parcels.

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Real Estate Appraisal

The advancement of location-based tools over the past two decades has made getting property lines and parcel data online much more convenient for real estate appraisers. ReportAll delivers a variety of one-stop solutions for the residential real estate appraiser with low cost, instant access parcel data downloads, available 24/7, with coverage of over 98.5% of all property parcels in the United States.

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Civil Engineering and Surveying

ReportAll’s property database provides civil engineers and surveying professionals with critical property data and boundary line information. Whether researching the property in the office or in the field, ReportAll’s solutions deliver property boundy data to civil engineers and surveyors professionals to make their job easier when on-site.

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Hunting & Outdoor Recreation

Determining property lines and contacting property owners can be an important part of safe hunting and outdoor recreation. Our property data enables outdoor recreationalists to identify prime areas for exploring, off-roading or hunting by searching with a physical address, acreage criteria or other property characteristic.

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Insurance Industry

ReportAll's nationwide property database provides property boundaries and online property lines with critical data points for professionals in the insurance industry including ownership, age of structure, school district, land use, acreage, square footage and much more.

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